Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Term Paper - College Research Papers.

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  1. Your comment on my blog certainly did not provide a very good example of your writing skills. Best think this through.

    Dr. Bill ;-)
    Professor Emeritus, Business Management

  2. Owned.

    As was the post on mine, rather boring -- at best.

    And just some food for thought, but hot pink doesn't suit you.

  3. With all do respect, based on your comments on my colleageus' Blog sites, there is great concern that your services do indeed infringe on creative commons licenses and may plagiarize work. Ideas should be original and not be based or framed around ideas or facts previously published on the web. Why don't you let your clients do their own homework, instead of offering them an opportunity to cheat the system.

  4. Pwned you think you can spam you sleazy sell site by giving crappy English comments. Flke off U creep or Boxxy will ripp u one.

  5. Well, I guess I'm not the only one who finds you repulsive, and who has been the recipient of spam comments on a blog. Enjoy it while you can. You'll be gone before long. Not only because spam blogs get deleted, but because your command of language suggests that a person would be a fool to use your "services."

  6. Here's the comment you tried to leave on my blog:

    "Such a nice post, it is really interesting, It is glad to see this blog,, Thanks."

    1. College term papers should not contain COMMAS between complete sentences.

    2. "It is glad to see this blog" makes no sense at all.

    3. Double commas are grammatically incorrect.

    4. Writing term papers for others is CHEATING.

    5. Students who make use of papers that are written FOR them and pass them off as their own work ARE plagiarizing.

    Good luck to all the immoral cheaters who are lame enough to use your pathetic site. They deserve the "F's" they'll be getting.

  7. While I enjoy comments on my blog, I cannot post comments that link to commercial sites. If you would like to post a legitimate comment, please leave off the links to this blog.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

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